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Tulane MCHLT Practicum and Volunteer Resource Guide

Students with interest in maternal and child health —

Are you looking for ways to volunteer your time in the New Orleans Community? Interested in completing a practicum in the New Orleans area? Not sure where to begin?

Look no further!

The Tulane MCHLT Practicum and Volunteer Resource Guide: MCH-Related Organizations in the New Orleans Area is now available. Use this document to learn about organizations in the area where you can potentially volunteer or complete a practicum. The document is organized by focus areas so you can click on what interests you and see what organizations match your interests.

Access it here:


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Practicum Opportunity #WeAreMCH

The Gift Internship
Bureau of Family Health (LA Dept. of Health and Hospitals- Office of Public Health)

Summer- Fall 2014

The Bureau of Family Health provides qualified public health students with a rewarding practicum/internship. Students will gain valuable public health experience, specific to maternal and child health/breastfeeding. Students will provide programmatic support to a statewide breastfeeding initiative targeting LA maternity care facilities (The Gift) with a focus on evaluation and data collection/analysis.  The purpose of the Bureau of Family Health Gift Program internship is to foster skilled public health professional s and advocates for maternal and child public health issues, specifically breastfeeding.  Students will learn how social, behavioral, environmental and biological factors contribute to breastfeeding outcomes and specific strategies to address policy, community, organizational barriers to breastfeeding.  The Practicum Student/Intern will be embedded within the Data Action team and his/her primary purpose will be to work with The Gift Program Manager and Data to Action Team Leader on the evaluation of The Gift program.

Detailed description of the internship
Primary Purpose:  To measure The Gift program’s impact on breastfeeding initiation, exclusivity and duration among women delivering in Gift designated hospitals.
Secondary Purpose:  To evaluate the success of The Gift model in aiding participating hospitals in improvement in the Ten Steps to achieving The Gift and/or the Baby-Friendly Hospital designation.

1. Gain experience in program evaluation in the “real world
2. Practice database design skills
3. Analyze, summarize and present data.

1. Explore literature on the evaluation of the breastfeeding initiatives targeting delivery hospitals.
2. Describe design considerations for controlling for confounding factors in real world evaluation of programs which exist in communities with multiple efforts aimed at influencing breastfeeding practices.
3. Design relational databases for hospital specific information (descriptors, application information, mPINC scores), hospital assessments, and pre/post-test training instrument data.
4. Apply statistical methods to self-assessment data and pre/post training data
5. Link delivery hospital data to PRAMS data to analyze breastfeeding initiation and duration for women who delivered at The Gift designated facilities.
6. Transcribe qualitative interview data from hospital staff.
7. Summarize, write up and present aggregate and hospital specific results to The Gift staff.
8. Apply theory and strategy based communication principles across different settings and audiences.
9. Demonstrate effective written and oral skills for communication in the process of design, implementation and evaluation of public health programs.
10. Develop/improve a contacts/outreach management system for the program.

Click more for responsibilities/activities, qualifications, and more about supervisors

For more information or to apply, please contact Marci Brewer at


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Practicum on the Workplace Breastfeeding Support Program

Breastfeeding Program &
Louisiana Breastfeeding Coalition of the Bureau of Family Health (LA Dept. of Health and Hospitals- Office of Public Health)

Summer – Fall 2014

 The Bureau of Family Health (BFH) works to promote health for all Louisiana women, children, teens and families through data, health education/communication, clinical and support services and policy.  The BFH works to increase breastfeeding rates in Louisiana in order to improve infant and child mortality and morbidity through a multilevel strategy including the following distinct efforts:

  • Hospital quality initiative and designation program (The Gift)
  • Training for hospital administration, physicians, nurses, medical providers and their staff
  • Staff support for a statewide breastfeeding coalition (Louisiana Breastfeeding Coalition)

The mission of the Louisiana Breastfeeding Coalition (LBC) is to make breastfeeding the norm in Louisiana.  Through outreach, advocacy, and education, the Coalition focuses on removing barriers to breastfeeding for women, their children and families.  This practicum will work primarily on the Workplace Breastfeeding Support Program, which works with Louisiana employers to provide time, space, and support for women who are breastfeeding or pumping milk in the workplace.


  • To learn how breastfeeding influences the health of both mother and child by becoming familiar with the biological, physiological and nutritional aspects of breastfeeding and breast milk.
  • To learn effective ways of engaging a target audience through outreach to the public and to the private sector.
  • To develop skills in partner coordination and outreach campaign management.
  • Other objectives as appropriate for the student’s interests and experience.


  • Conduct outreach to employers to encourage them to comply with laws related to workplace breastfeeding, and to inform them about the program
  • Conduct follow-up with participating workplaces
  • Manage process of certifying eligible employers as Breastfeeding-Friendly Workplaces
  • Coordinate with members and partners, including the Tulane University Mary Amelia Women’s Center,  on program activities
  • Design and maintain database of contacts with employers and partners
  • Maintain Workplace Breastfeeding Support Program of LBC web site
  • Together with LBC staff, develop a plan for project implementation and timeline for practicum activities

For more information or to apply, please contact Marci Brewer at



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Touro Practicum- Application Deadline 5/9

Breastfeeding Certification at Touro

Through this practicum Touro’s Family Birthing Center, where 3,368 babies were born last year, will obtain its GIFT (Guided Infant Feeding Techniques).  GIFT is a “quality improvement and certification program for Louisiana birthing facilities that is based on the best practice model for infant feeding and mother-baby bonding.”  The GIFT program helps to assure that the criteria for educating new parents and healthcare staff on the techniques of breastfeeding have been met.  This practicum is an opportunity for public health students in Maternal & Child Health.

“Gift is a tool for facilities to enhance their maternal-child services and promote breastfeeding as the normal and preferred method of infant feeding.”               


  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to thoroughly research topic from a variety of sources
  • Interest in maternal/child care as a public health issue
  • Flexible team player who can work comfortably in a diverse workplace

ACTIVITIES include, but are not limited to:

  • Advising staff and creating strategies for Touro’s Family Birthing Center to implement Gifts’ “Ten Steps to a Healthy Breastfed Baby”
  • Auditing charts and other sources to document the implementation
  • Help staff follow up if/when there are low results or no documentation
  • Assist staff in using collected data to prepare the Gift certification application


 This is 300-hour volunteer practicum.  To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to, who will share them with the Family Birthing Center staff for review.  Deadline for applications:  May 9, 2014.

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6 PRC Summer Practicums- Application Deadline 4/18

prcLOGOThese 6 practicum are available for summer (with possible run over into fall) 2014. All interns will be required to work a total of 300 hours. These practicums are restricted to Tulane students; graduate students will be given preference.

The deadline to apply is 5 pm, April 18, 2014 for emailed/faxed applications and April 16, 2014 postmark for all mailed applications. The application forms and further details about each of these internships can be found on the Tulane PRC website under Career Opportunities.

Questions? Please contact Naomi King Englar, PRC Communications and Training Coordinator at 504.988.7410 or


Healthy Lifestyles Committee/Program Planning Internship

Broad Community Connections (BCC) is a non-profit, Main Street organization whose mission is to revitalize Broad Street from Tulane Avenue to Bayou Road as a vibrant commercial corridor, bringing together the surrounding neighborhoods and promoting their economic, residential, and cultural development.
Responsibilities and Activities:

  • Help develop healthy eating and active living programs at the ReFresh Project for underserved communities
  • Help provide health-related services and improve health outcomes including the development of a Community Health Worker program.
  • Work with the ReFresh NOLA Coalition to improving the health and economic well-being of neighborhoods surrounding Broad Street


Summer Food Provider Report Card 
Kids Rethink New Orleans Schools (Rethink) is a youth leadership development program that supports students in “rethinking” their public school experience and leading student-driven policy reforms. The School Food Report Card (SFRC), a youth based participatory action research (YPAR) project that puts youth at the forefront of evaluating health and wellness factors in their school.
Responsibilities and Activities:

  • Collaborate with Rethinkers, Rethink staff and Share Our Strength to design a research process for evaluating summer food service providers
  • Work with Rethinkers during Rethink summer program to practice research skills (surveying, interview skills, etc.)
  • Coordinate data collection process
  • Accompany Rethinkers to summer camp sites for data collection
  • Perform data entry tasks to prepare data for analysis


Blueprint for Safety Project Internship
The New Orleans Health Department’s Blueprint for SafetyProject is a singular philosophically based, model policy that coordinates each criminal justice agency’s response to domestic violence; including, 911, Law Enforcement, the Sheriff’s Department, Prosecution & District Attorney Victim Advocates, Probation & Parole, Court Administration and the New Orleans Family Justice Center. The internship will primarily focus on two aspects of the Project, addressing impact disparities in the development of Blueprint policies and analyzing domestic violence arrests and case dispositions locally and nationally. The intern is expected to commit 15-20 hours per week.
Responsibilities and Activities:

  • Work with local advocates to engage the community of African-American women arrested for domestic violence
  • Processing and analyzing domestic violence case information
  • Input data and produce statistical reports/develop research papers
  • Prepare quarterly aggregate public reports and develop recommendations
  • Co-facilitate focus groups with key stakeholders
  • Develop strategies to successfully engage a vulnerable population in partnership toward policy development
  • Attend meetings, conduct research, prepare notes, and draft memos and policy reports


Veggie Power Dollar Program Internship
Sankofa CDC is working to revitalize New Orleans’ Ninth Ward and advance opportunities in the areas of urban revitalization, education, health, and economic development.  Through its Mobile Market and Gardens programs, the organization is working to create access to healthy food and decrease the disproportionately high health risks existing within this community. An intern is needed to plan, monitor and manage this incentive program whose main goal is to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables among low income seniors and families with children by increasing their purchasing power. Intern must be available on most Saturdays to work at the Mobile Market.
Responsibilities and Activities:

  • Manage application process of participants
  • Strategize methods of conducting outreach to seniors to ensure understanding
  • Collect data and track seniors and low-income families that participate
  • Synthesize data and construct a report for further program development
  • Facilitate all activities, focus groups, forums, and exercised including setting up the market & maintaining an organized space
  • Attend neighborhood meetings with the Programs Manager to assess community needs
  • Organize Sankofa CDC outreach table at community events, forums, and discussions


Healthy Pantry Project Internship
The Second Harvest program partners with community agencies to offer food-based nutrition education courses led by a trained staff member and volunteer culinary and nutrition professionals. The goal is to address the increasing need for nutrition education among families through high-quality cooking courses that build long-term self-sufficiency skills. The project aims to expand the Cooking Matters nutrition education program to target local food pantries to determine the types of foods currently offered and the support needed to improve the availability of healthy food.
Responsibilities and Activities:

  • Develop partnerships with local pantries in Orleans and Jefferson Parishes to offer tools and services for engaging and empowering clients to make healthier food choices.
  • Develop demonstrations to help increase the use of uncommonly chosen pantry items and educate clients on how to use these foods in meal preparation.
  • Pantry demos, tastings, modification of foods in courses to reflect pantry foods
  • Develop tools and services to help clients move “from hunger to health,” using food banks infrastructure to transform communities through good nutrition
  • Develop tools to measure impact


Village de L’Est Community Assessment Project Internship
Vietnamese American Young Leaders Association (VAYLA) empowers youth and families through supportive services and organizing for cultural enrichment and positive social change by improving education equity, health access, and civic engagement.
Responsibilities and Activities:

  • Train VAYLA youth members on community assessment design and implementation methods
  • Design a survey tool to conduct community assessment collection demographic information and economic, educational and health conditions of young people in Village de L’Est between the ages of 12-24
  • Implement tool and provide support to VAYLA Equity team for incorporating survey findings into organizing strategies and campaign outreach tools

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NOLA Practicum Opportunity- Summer 2014

Louisiana Bureau of Family Health

 Project  Description– Analysis and reporting of trends and risk factors of tobacco and alcohol use in Louisiana adolescent populations

Data Source: Louisiana YRBS (Youth Risk Factor Surveillance Program)

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Working knowledge of SAS
  • Experience running descriptive frequencies
  • Familiarity with analysis techniques such as logistic regression and trend analysis
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to think proactively and function independently
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel

Expected Outcomes of Project- The student selected for this practicum opportunity will work with the preceptor to produce a report detailing trends and risk factors in adolescent tobacco and alcohol use that will be distributed to maternal and child health stakeholders.

 To apply, please send resume to

DHHH logo

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Practicum opportunity: Mother-Baby Care

Mother-Baby Care at Touro

 More and more women opt for a care plan in which mothers and babies are not separated.  Research proves there are many benefits to mother-baby care, creating more opportunities for skin-to-skin contact which promotes early bonding, reduces hypothermia and facilitates breastfeeding.  Placing mother and child in the same room is a more family-centered approach that also eases the parents’ and child’s transition from hospital to home.

At Touro’s state-of-the-art Family Birthing Center 3,368 babies were born last year.  However, the hospital’s traditional location-centered practice model places post-partum mothers in private rooms and newborns in the well baby nursery or NICU, depending on their needs.  Although infants visit mothers frequently, time for skin-to-skin contact is somewhat limited.

 By the year 2015, Touro plans to fully implement a Mother-Baby Care plan based on national best practices.

 This practicum is an opportunity for a public health student in Maternal and Child Health.


  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to thoroughly research topic from a variety of sources
  • Interest in maternal/child care as a public health issue
  • Flexible team player who can work comfortably in a diverse workplace

ACTIVITES include, but are not limited to:

  • Researching Mother-Baby Care Units at hospitals throughout the U.S. and indicating what does/does not work and why
  • Identifying best practices from the above
  • Presenting above findings to the Family Birthing Center staff
  • Interviewing senior staff who were present when Touro tried this plan previously and reporting on findings
  • Identifying resources and making recommendations for staff training and attending all staff trainings

This is 300-hour volunteer practicum.  To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to, who will share them with the Family Birthing Center staff for review.  Deadline for applications:  March 31, 2014.

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