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Tulane MCHLT Scholar Program – now accepting applications

The Tulane Maternal and Child Health Leadership Training program is now accepting applications for new Scholars!



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Humanure Power’s Facility is Open

Tulane MCHLT staff were happy to recently receive the following news from Tulane MCHLT Scholar alumnus (MPH ’13) and Humanure Power co-founder Anoop Jain, who has been working in Bihar, India to end outdoor defecation:

Humanure Power toilet facilities, Bihar, India

HP sanitation facility, Bihar, India

I am absolutely thrilled to announce that Humanure Power opened its pilot community sanitation facility on July 10! After 4 years of dreaming, we celebrated the opening of our facility with our entire staff and hundreds of people from the local community we are working with. We had 258 users on our very first day! This is incredibly exciting, and is a great number to work up from. In the coming weeks, we will analyze our usage data to track which groups in the community need more outreach to encourage use. Our goal is to capture this data effectively to demonstrate impact, so that we can work closely with local government agencies to replicate our model throughout Bihar.

I’d also like to mention one key change to the HP model. We are no longer focusing on using the energy we produce from our facilities to power batteries/portable lights. Instead, we are going to use that energy to power a water filtration system. We conducted water quality tests a few months ago. The results were extremely discouraging and highlighted an immediate need for a clean water intervention. It makes sense for us to implement a solution that is needed by the community, thus the change in our model. I’d like to point out that the energy side of our program has always been flexible. Our primary concern is improving access to toilets. We are willing to use the energy we produce to serve the community in whatever way it needs. We will sell filtered water for $0.01 per liter, half of what other vendors in the area are selling it for. This money will go directly to paying our cleaning staff and for general toilet maintenance.

Having witnessed the work and passion Anoop has put into realizing his dream, it is exciting to learn that the facility is not only open, but has been so directly shaped by the needs of the community. Access to toilets not only safeguards human dignity and sanitation, it also helps protects the safety and education of girls.

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The experience of APHA

The Annual Meeting of the American Public Health Association (APHA) is November 2 – 6, in Boston. Early-bird discounts for registration end this Thursday. Below is the experience of one student at last year’s meeting.

Reflections on APHA 2012
by Meghan Ballard, RN

Although I was excited to go to the APHA conference this year in San Francisco, I was not excited to leave the warm weather of New Orleans for the cold, rainy weather of this west coast city.  Luckily for attendees, San Francisco welcomed us with warm, sunny weather, a World Series Championship, and a conference that began with a surprise address by former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.  She discussed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and how it was constitutionally upheld this year.  Without the community of public health professionals that we will soon become part of, this law would not have been possible.  Thus, the conference began with a renewed sense of hope and pride at choosing to be in the field of public health.

There were many exciting things to do and see at the conference.  The expo had many booths from health-related companies and organizations.   After networking there, I decided to attend some sessions that fascinated me most.  The most interesting sessions I saw were a talk on Fetal Alcohol Effects Across the Lifespan in Russia, The Slut Narrative that talked about why girls call each other “slut” and “ho,” and a series of talks on decreasing maternal mortality from post partum hemorrhage.  When I needed a break from the talks, I decided to view some international films.  On my way to the viewing, I passed by protestors carrying signs saying it’s a person’s right to choose to get circumcised.  Ironically, the film I saw was titled Circumcision Decision, which showed adult men in Swaziland choosing to get circumcised to decrease their risk of HIV/AIDS.  Although the conference only lasted a few days, it was a very exciting, thought-provoking, and educational time.  I can’t wait to relive the memories and make more at the APHA conference next year in Boston.

Meghan Ballard is starting her second year of her MPH, with a concentration in MCH.

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Tulane MCHLT Scholar Program – now accepting applications (Deadline: August 19)

The Tulane Maternal and Child Health Leadership Training program is now accepting applications for new Scholars!

Funded by the HRSA Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Bureau, the Tulane MCHLT Program seeks to improve the health of women, infants, children, youth and their families through development of the MCH workforce. We provide opportunities for training and experience for students at the School of Public Health, as well as current public health practitioners.  Our programs, guided by the twelve MCH leadership competencies,  also impact other members of the New Orleans community.

The MCHLT Scholar Program provides mentored self-development activities to help students become leaders in the field of maternal and child health. This three-semester program includes:

  • Coursework
  • Service outreach
  • Self-reflection
  • Readings and discussion
  • 5-year development plan
  • Mentoring meetings

Eligibility Requirements

  • First semester MPH student (entering Fall 2013)
  • US Citizen or permanent resident
  • Enrolled in the GCHB department
  • Concentrating in MCH

For the incoming cohort, Scholars will be expected to carry out the following…

First semester: enroll in and successfully complete GCHB 6140 (with tuition for this course covered by the MCHLT), participate in service outreach, participate in additional personal development activities and meetings

Second semester: Develop a service outreach project, participate in additional personal development activities and meetings (small stipend provided)

Third semester: Develop a sustainability plan for your outreach project, participate in additional personal development activities and meetings (small stipend provided)

To apply, submit:

  • an updated resume or CV
  • a cover letter detailing interests in the field of maternal and child health and commitment to and interest in the Scholar program

Applications should be submitted by email to Shokufeh Ramirez (, by 5:00 pm on Monday, August 19, 2013. All applicants are also expected to meet with program staff: a sign-up sheet will be available for individual interviews during orientation (August 21 – 22). Decisions will be made by August 26, so that can Scholars can enroll in GCHB 6140 in time to start the course on August 29.

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