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Maternal Health Care Is Disappearing in Rural America

An article was released to discuss the growing concern for the lack of maternal care in rural parts of America:

“Maternal mortality is also significantly higher in rural areas. Scientific American analyzed public mortality data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and found that in 2015 the maternal mortality rate in large central metropolitan areas was 18.2 per 100,000 live births—but in the most rural areas it was 29.4. Exactly why this happens is unclear. Underlying health conditions such as hypertension or diabetes could be factors, alongside poor prenatal care and geographic access. But the numbers are troubling, and the same trend holds true for infant mortality rates, according to the analysis of CDC figures.”

“New analysis from the University of Minnesota Rural Health Research Center puts the situation in dire terms: “More than two thirds of rural counties in Florida, Nevada and South Dakota have no in-county obstetrical services,” says one of the study’s authors, Carrie Henning-Smith, a research associate at the center. The analysis, which has not yet been published, finds that this was true from 2004 through 2014 (the latest year analyzed). That means these counties had absolutely no hospitals providing obstetrical care—forcing women to travel to other counties.”

“Unfortunately, family physicians are not moving in to fill these care gaps in high enough numbers. And the number of family physicians offering obstetrical services has dropped by half in recent years, although many still offer basic prenatal care: In the year 2000, 23 percent of family physicians offered obstetrics—but when they were surveyed in 2010 it was only about 10 percent.”

Read the rest of this interesting article here to learn more about the decrease in maternal health care in rural parts of america

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Practicum opportunity

Student Practicum Opportunity
Fall (to start in early/mid August) 2014 & Spring 2015
Position: Practicum (Unpaid), Tulane Breastfeeding Program (TBP) & other breastfeeding work
This is an opportunity for a student who is interested in the promotion of breastfeeding at the university and city levels.
v Ability to communicate clearly verbally and in writing
v Proficiency in Microsoft Office
v Interest in breastfeeding as a public health topic
v Willing to take initiative
v  Continued development and maintenance of the TBP
v  Advocate for additional lactation rooms on the Tulane campus
v  Maintenance of the TBP webpage and Facebook page
v  Coordinate support meetings on campus
v  Attend various local and statewide breastfeeding-focused meetings and events
v  Assist in other project related tasks
Please contact Caitrin Alb at

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Teen pregnancy prevention study needs Research Assistants

You Geaux Girl! (YGG!) needs research assistants to work in field recruitment. Here’s your chance to work with a very dynamic team on an innovative project that incorporates technology and health interventions. YGG! is a research study that recruits 18 and 19 year old African American women to participate in an internet based pregnancy prevention program — BUtiful (Be yoU! Talented, Informed, Fearless, Uncompromised and Loved). We are looking for research assistants to work with staff to recruit young women from sites throughout the city. Primary responsibilities will be recruitment and enrollment, administering computer surveys, demonstrating the websites, monitoring the sites, and conducting follow up interviews. Candidates must have very strong interpersonal skills and be willing to work non-traditional hours in the field. This position starts immediately. Having your own transportation is preferred. Please send an email stating your interest along with your CV to Jakevia Green at

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Job opening: Analyst in DC

AMCHP is currently recruiting an Analyst for Quality Improvement and Life Course, Women’s and Infant Health. The job description can be accessed using the link below or clicking ‘MORE’ at the bottom of this post

Interested candidates please submit resume, cover letter, (3) references and salary history to:
Indicate #14-10003, Analyst for QI and Life Course, (WIH) in subject line.

 Please direct any questions to:
Caroline Stampfel, MPH
Senior Epidemiologist
 Association of Maternal & Child Health Programs
2030 M Street NW, Suite 350, Washington DC  20036
MAIN (202) 775-0436   DIRECT (202) 775-1473   FAX (202) 775-0061


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LSU Health Science Center: Research Associate


The Public Health Division of the Department of Pediatrics is seeking applicants for a Research Associate 3 that is funded by a contract with DHH OPH. This advanced level epidemiology position in the Dept. of Pediatrics will provide the State of Louisiana Office of Public Health enhanced epidemiological services to the Children’s Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN) Program. Incumbent will work closely with the Title V CSHCN Director and Children’s Special Health Services Program Manager to analyze national and state data sets concerning CYSHCN in Louisiana, to assist with the five year needs assessment required by Title V, to determine state priorities for the program, to conduct ongoing program evaluation and to assist with grant writing.

Qualifications: Masters in Public Health or PhD with concentration in epidemiology. Training and/or experience in maternal and child health including children with special health needs. At least 2 years experience at the state public health level.
Desired: Experience working with diverse MCH stakeholders, providing presentations to large stakeholder groups and writing professional manuscripts. Research skills include ability analyzing complex data sets and exhibiting strong analytical skills with SPSS, SAS, SUDANN and MS ACCESS.

Applicant instructions: Interested candidates should submit a cover letter, CV and list or references to, reference # 09 036

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Practicum Opportunity #WeAreMCH

The Gift Internship
Bureau of Family Health (LA Dept. of Health and Hospitals- Office of Public Health)

Summer- Fall 2014

The Bureau of Family Health provides qualified public health students with a rewarding practicum/internship. Students will gain valuable public health experience, specific to maternal and child health/breastfeeding. Students will provide programmatic support to a statewide breastfeeding initiative targeting LA maternity care facilities (The Gift) with a focus on evaluation and data collection/analysis.  The purpose of the Bureau of Family Health Gift Program internship is to foster skilled public health professional s and advocates for maternal and child public health issues, specifically breastfeeding.  Students will learn how social, behavioral, environmental and biological factors contribute to breastfeeding outcomes and specific strategies to address policy, community, organizational barriers to breastfeeding.  The Practicum Student/Intern will be embedded within the Data Action team and his/her primary purpose will be to work with The Gift Program Manager and Data to Action Team Leader on the evaluation of The Gift program.

Detailed description of the internship
Primary Purpose:  To measure The Gift program’s impact on breastfeeding initiation, exclusivity and duration among women delivering in Gift designated hospitals.
Secondary Purpose:  To evaluate the success of The Gift model in aiding participating hospitals in improvement in the Ten Steps to achieving The Gift and/or the Baby-Friendly Hospital designation.

1. Gain experience in program evaluation in the “real world
2. Practice database design skills
3. Analyze, summarize and present data.

1. Explore literature on the evaluation of the breastfeeding initiatives targeting delivery hospitals.
2. Describe design considerations for controlling for confounding factors in real world evaluation of programs which exist in communities with multiple efforts aimed at influencing breastfeeding practices.
3. Design relational databases for hospital specific information (descriptors, application information, mPINC scores), hospital assessments, and pre/post-test training instrument data.
4. Apply statistical methods to self-assessment data and pre/post training data
5. Link delivery hospital data to PRAMS data to analyze breastfeeding initiation and duration for women who delivered at The Gift designated facilities.
6. Transcribe qualitative interview data from hospital staff.
7. Summarize, write up and present aggregate and hospital specific results to The Gift staff.
8. Apply theory and strategy based communication principles across different settings and audiences.
9. Demonstrate effective written and oral skills for communication in the process of design, implementation and evaluation of public health programs.
10. Develop/improve a contacts/outreach management system for the program.

Click more for responsibilities/activities, qualifications, and more about supervisors

For more information or to apply, please contact Marci Brewer at


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Practicum on the Workplace Breastfeeding Support Program

Breastfeeding Program &
Louisiana Breastfeeding Coalition of the Bureau of Family Health (LA Dept. of Health and Hospitals- Office of Public Health)

Summer – Fall 2014

 The Bureau of Family Health (BFH) works to promote health for all Louisiana women, children, teens and families through data, health education/communication, clinical and support services and policy.  The BFH works to increase breastfeeding rates in Louisiana in order to improve infant and child mortality and morbidity through a multilevel strategy including the following distinct efforts:

  • Hospital quality initiative and designation program (The Gift)
  • Training for hospital administration, physicians, nurses, medical providers and their staff
  • Staff support for a statewide breastfeeding coalition (Louisiana Breastfeeding Coalition)

The mission of the Louisiana Breastfeeding Coalition (LBC) is to make breastfeeding the norm in Louisiana.  Through outreach, advocacy, and education, the Coalition focuses on removing barriers to breastfeeding for women, their children and families.  This practicum will work primarily on the Workplace Breastfeeding Support Program, which works with Louisiana employers to provide time, space, and support for women who are breastfeeding or pumping milk in the workplace.


  • To learn how breastfeeding influences the health of both mother and child by becoming familiar with the biological, physiological and nutritional aspects of breastfeeding and breast milk.
  • To learn effective ways of engaging a target audience through outreach to the public and to the private sector.
  • To develop skills in partner coordination and outreach campaign management.
  • Other objectives as appropriate for the student’s interests and experience.


  • Conduct outreach to employers to encourage them to comply with laws related to workplace breastfeeding, and to inform them about the program
  • Conduct follow-up with participating workplaces
  • Manage process of certifying eligible employers as Breastfeeding-Friendly Workplaces
  • Coordinate with members and partners, including the Tulane University Mary Amelia Women’s Center,  on program activities
  • Design and maintain database of contacts with employers and partners
  • Maintain Workplace Breastfeeding Support Program of LBC web site
  • Together with LBC staff, develop a plan for project implementation and timeline for practicum activities

For more information or to apply, please contact Marci Brewer at



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