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Practicum: 2015 Blueprint for Safety Project

The New Orleans Health Department’s Blueprint for Safety Project is offering a graduate level summer internship. The Blueprint for Safety is a singular philosophically based model policy that coordinates each criminal justice agency’s response to domestic violence; including, 911, Law Enforcement, the Sheriff’s Office, Prosecution & DA Victim Advocates, Probation & Parole, Court Administration and the New Orleans Family Justice Center. The intern who fills this position will assist the Project’s Interagency Coordinator in facilitating the criminal justice agencies’ implementation of the New Orleans Blueprint for Safety. (more…)


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Practicum: NOLA FOR LIFE collective efficacy survey

The Violence Prevention Team is seeking a full-time intern to lead the development of a collective efficacy survey[1]and an implementation strategy for administering the survey in NOLA FOR LIFE focus neighborhoods.

NOLA FOR LIFE is Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s Comprehensive Murder Reduction Strategy, an aggressive response to a decade-long struggle with one of the highest homicide rates in the country. The plan aims to dramatically reduce murder among young African American males in the city, and while in its first two years there has been an emphasis on stopping the shootings, the strategy is preparing to move into its next phase, which emphasizes the need for prevention. NOLA FOR LIFE is an ambitious plan that provides a unique opportunity for cross-sector collaboration and a means for ensuring healthy futures for all New Orleanians. (more…)

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Practicum: New Orleans Health Department, Community Health Data

Community Health Data Internship, Summer 2015

Background: The New Orleans Health Department (NOHD) aims to prevent chronic disease and promote healthy behaviors through its healthy lifestyles program focus area and Fit NOLA initiative. A mayoral initiative, Fit NOLA brings together 200 organizational partners in a collective impact project to promote physical activity and healthy eating in order to make New Orleans one of our nation’s fittest cities. (more…)

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Practicum: The Center for Ethical Living and Social Justice Renewal

The Center for Ethical Living and Social Justice Renewal has a mission to serve as a catalyst in New Orleans and beyond for social, economic, environmental, and racial justice. We do this through activism, community engagement, organizing, and transformational learning. Through our relationships with organizers, especially organizers from the local organization Advocates for Environmental Human Rights (“AEHR”), the Center has made a commitment to support the work for Toxic-Free Schools in New Orleans. As a Center with one full-time employee and 3 part-time employees, we are not able to devote the skilled people resources necessary to support the current campaign not to build a new school on the old Clio St./Silver City Dump. (more…)

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Practicum: Anna’s Place NOLA

St. Anna’s Episcopal Church has combined its two major programs, St. Anna’s Medical Mission (SAMM) and Anna’s Arts for Kids (AAK), into a single program, Anna’s Place NOLA. Our goal is to provide more holistic services to our community. (more…)

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