The Value of Self-Care Practices

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“Self-care — maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle through individually determined activities — has been found to improve productivity and a sense of well-being as well as physical and emotional health in a variety of work settings.”

“Although it is still considered a somewhat controversial concept, many colleges and universities are now regarding self-care as essential for the optimal well-being of everyone in their community: faculty, staff, administrators, students, support personnel and others. The benefits of promoting self-care in the workplace are well documented.”

“Yet even in the face of high and increasing stress levels in all educational fields, self-care remains a low priority for many people in academic settings. In part, that is due to the traditional, culturally entrenched belief that faculty and staff members are expected to be concerned about the well-being of others — often at the exclusion of their own well-being. Indeed, we contend that self-care has not been promoted as a universal component of educational programs because it is perceived by many people to be time off task — and therefore detrimental to fulfilling “real” academic work commitments.”

Follow the Link to Understand what Self-Care is and How You can Practice Self-Care


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