Chief of Party – Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) Bukavu/Goma, DRC

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Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is looking for a Chief of Party and an Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) TA. Hiring is contingent on funding. The Chief of Party could be based in Kinshasa, but the TA in Bukavu or Goma.

If interested, please send resumes Francisca Vigaud-Walsh, Sexual & Gender-Based Violence Programming Manager (

Posting Date: August 27, 2008

Closing Date : September 5, 2008

Position Title: Chief of Party- Empowering Communities to Respond to and Prevent Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV)

Location: Bukavu/Goma, DRC

Reports to: EDRC Country Representative

FLSA: Exempt

Req. No: I08 122

Job Summary/Background:

Since 1996 reports of rape and sexual violence have increased with both foreign and domestic military groups responsible for committing rape and other acts of sexual violence in eastern DRC. The Provinces of Ituri, Maniema and North and South Kivu continue to report high levels of sexual and gender-based violence. MONUC, the United Nations Mission in Congo, reports that in South Kivu alone there have been over 80,000 reported rapes since 2005, with many believing an equal number, if not more go unreported.

During the Congo War, rape was systematically used as a strategic weapon by all of the multiple armed actors that participated, both foreign and domestic. Despite the end of the greater Congo war, rape and sexual violence persist. Continued instability contributes to the perpetuation of this phenomenon. It is also important to note that, as armed groups have disbanded and integrated into the population, rape at the community level has risen in frequency. This is most often the case in the Maniema and Ituri Provinces where more and more, rape is being used to settle scores between communities and/or individuals. The level of poverty and lack of opportunity leaves young men frustrated and powerless, which causes them to act out their frustration on the most vulnerable members of society, women and girls. In fact, perpetrators of rape have come to include civilians, policemen, and high-level authorities.

The rape of a woman has repercussions beyond her physical and mental person. In most cases she is rejected by her husband and family due to the stigma and shame that are associated with this act. Known rape victims will be shunned, mocked or worse, so they either flee their villages or try to act as if nothing happened in hope of someday leading a normal marital life.

The Chief of Party will have primary management and supervisory responsibility over a team situated in Ituri and Maniema Provinces for a three-year USAID-funded program to prevent and respond to sexual and gender based violence in these areas. The Chief of Party will be responsible for timely and results-based implementation activities valued at approximately $5 Million. The Chief of Party will ensure optimal strategic direction and achievement of project objectives for CRS and its partners as well as compliance with CRS program quality standards and USAID administrative and financial requirements.

Primary Responsibilities:

The CoP provides leadership and overall strategic direction for the SGBV program in country. Primary responsibilities include:

  1. In coordination with the consortium partners, ensure strategic planning and ensure alignment of decision-making, goal setting and problem solving for the SGBV Program;
  2. In coordination with the Country Representatives, ensure appropriate representation of the SGBV Program to host government, local Church and local and international press about SGBV activities;
  3. Serve as the primary representative with the SGBV consortium member primary in-country representatives (Mercy Corps); negotiate agreements, protocols and adjustments to SOWs, budgets and results frameworks as necessary;
  4. Ensure effective coordination and information sharing with other SGBV programs, USAID, partners, host government and other donors;
  5. Provide Supervision and performance management of the Senior SGBV Technical Advisor;
  6. Ensure effective coordination of SGBV activities with other CRS/Congo programming including the Justice and Peace, Health, HIV/AIDS, other sectors and projects;
  7. In coordination with the HQ-based SGBV Technical Advisor, oversee the development and documentation of best practices, share with the larger SGBV and protection family; negotiate programmatic innovations and track key indicators of program success;
  8. Ensure clear and consistent communications protocols;

Specific Responsibilities:

The CoP will work closely with the TA and partner staff to assume the following specific responsibilities:

1. Representation, in coordination with the CRS/Congo Country Representatives, serve as primary representative of the SGBV project to :

a. the Congolese Government;

b. senior members of the Congolese Catholic Episcopal Conference (CENCO), particularly the National and Diocesan Justice and Peace Coordinators;

c. senior members of the USAID SGBV team ;

d. local and international press.

2. Program Planning, Coordination, Communications and Reporting:

a. Lead coordination and planning of project goals and objectives for SGBV programming and ensure collaborative approach among partners;

b. Lead the development and ensure the timely completion of annual Work Plans and budgets;

c. Document and ensure appropriate application of programmatic best practices;

d. Ensure that program Monitoring and Evaluation plans are utilized to track program performance;

e. Work closely with consortium members to ensure in-country and partners’ systems are in place to guarantee timely and effective implementation of project activities: M&E, training, community development, technical assistance, staffing, materials, equipment, and reporting;

f. Ensure necessary training and technical assistance is made available to local implementing partners to develop capacity to implement SGBV project.

g Conduct regular supervisory visits and provide recommendations to Program Managers, Consortium members and local partners as necessary;

i Lead bi-monthly monthly SGBV meeting of senior CRS staff;

k. Work closely with the CRS/Congo finance staff and Partner Compliance Officer to ensure compliance with relevant USG regulations and to ensure timely and accurate financial reporting of CRS activities;

l. Finalize and ensure the timely completion of accurate and consistent financial and narrative project reports;

m. Ensure regular financial reviews and analysis of program spending;

3. Staff Development and Supervision

The COP will supervise, motivate and evaluate direct reports according to the CRS performance management system.

a. Directly supervise the SGBV Technical Advisor

b. Clarify, communicate and monitor SGBV CRS staff performance standards and expectations.

c. Carry out orientations, regular performance coaching and staff performance appraisals as stipulated by CRS performance Standards.

d. Encourage and empower SGBV staff to complete tasks in a timely and professional manner across the program.

e. Hold regulars staff meetings to foster teamwork, creative problem solving, communication and holistic thinking.

f. Assist with staff training and development.

g. Foster an environment that promotes coordinated and comprehensive effort among consortium members.

4. CRS/Congo Program Responsibilities

The CoP will also participate as a full member of the CRS/Congo Program Department team. This will include active involvement in all Program Department activities, with particular emphasis on coordination with other program staff. Specific responsibilities include:

a. Participate in Program Department meetings and contribute to development of program Department priorities;

b. Participate in and share information from relevant trainings and workshops, as requested;

c. Participate in CRS/Congo strategic planning and implementation of strategic priorities.


  1. Masters required, PhD preferred, in Psychology, Social Work, Law, Health or relevant discipline.
  1. Minimum 8 years relevant project management experience in an international development setting. Preference given to candidates with prior Chief of Party experience in managing projects of similar scale.
  2. Strong knowledge of key USG regulations including, but not limited to USAID 22 CFR Part 226 Administration of Assistance Awards to U.S. Non-Governmental Organizations, 22 CFR Part 145 Grants and Agreements with Non-Profits, OMB Circulars A-122, Cost principles for non-profit organizations and A-133 Audit of states, local governments, and non-profits preferred.
  3. Provide technical leadership in the area of NGO development and design and management of capacity building programs.
  4. Good understanding of procurement processes, procedures and contract management.
  5. Experience in developing and implementing development programs.
  6. Demonstrated record of progressive management and strategic planning experience.
  7. Good understanding of development programming and SGBV at the conceptual, policy and procedural levels.
  8. Demonstrated capabilities for bringing multiple stakeholders to consensus.
  9. Proven ability to lead multi-disciplinary, multi-ethnic and multi-location teams.
  10. Previous experience in programs involving partners from governmental, non-governmental, and private sectors.
  11. Excellent written and spoken communication skills.
  12. Must be fluent in French and English to be considered for the position.
  13. Strong leadership, problem solving, and results driven qualities.

This position is contingent on funding as well as the donor’s approval of the proposed Chief of Party.


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Regional Epidemiologist in Lake Mandeville, LA PEPFAR Coordinator

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