School Health and Nutrition internship – Afghanistan

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My name is Lisa Piper and I work for Save the Children in its Afghanistan Country Office.  Every summer we offer a School Health and Nutrition internship for 8-10 weeks.  We had a candidate all set to come out here on June 2, but she just cancelled due to something happening in her family.  We are looking for someone to come out as soon as possible.

I’ve attached the scope of work for your review.

Best regards,
Lisa K. Piper  |  Senior Program Manager  |  Afghanistan Country Office  |  Save the Children US
Mobile: +93 (0) 799.453.331 or +93 (0) 708.316.901
Skype:  +1 301.637.4972


Department: Afghanistan Country Office

Unit or region: Asia

Location: Afghanistan

Supervisor: Dr. Tariq Ihsan

Duration of internship: 10 weeks

Required/desired time frame: June – August 2008
Objective of the internship

Summarize the purpose of this internship in 2 – 3 sentences. The intern will assist AfCO School Health and Nutrition (SHN) programming through developing materials for Child-Focused Health Education activities as well as test Adolescent Development (AD/ARSH) materials. The intern will also support program development through conducting a simple qualitative study and providing photography technical assistance in rural northern Afghanistan.

List the activities the intern will need to perform in order to achieve the objectives. Learn about SHN/Child-Focused Health Education (CFHE) programming as implemented in Sar-i Pul and Faryab; review 2007 Faryab baseline survey results and relevant situational analyses; draft a trainers’ guide in how to use AfCO’s CFHE materials; work with key senior staff to develop and implement a small study that examines the health benefits to girls and their future families when they complete primary school; test drafted AD/ARSH materials with communities to determine local acceptance of the materials; draft any recommended changes to the materials.
Background and experience

Describe the years of experience, educational requirements, knowledge and skills (i.e. fluency in second language, marketing research, techniques, financial theory, etc) desired in order to completely perform the assigned work. Minimum of one year teacher training/education experience with children and/or adolescents, preferably in a low income country; experience in developing health education programs/materials for children or adolescents, preferably in the subject area(s) of HIV/AIDS and/or AD; knowledge of developing and implementing research tools; must have good understanding in how to work with children and their communities.

What ideal attributes will contribute toward success in this role? Must be independent, self-directed and confident; willingness, flexibility and adaptability to work with the situation (people, skills and context) that presents itself; ability to ask the right questions; a good writer; some familiarity with and sensitivity to Afghan/Muslim culture.
Describe any challenges the intern will face in this role/region/country. AfCO takes security very seriously and interns will follow, and be protected by, the same guidelines as AfCO staff; beyond Kabul traveling can be hard work and time consuming; accomodation is comfortable, but very basic; food is fine, but not varied; s/he will have a short time to learn about the situation and develop a plan to ensure the documentation of the program with limited support from expatriate mentors (because of AfCO permanent staff work and travel schedules).
Who can mentor this intern? Deputy Director for Programs/DM&E (Dr. Tariq Ihsan) and Senior Program Manager (Lisa K. Piper)


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